Never forget the « NILIF » rule

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NILIF ? or Nothing In Life Is Free.

He will try to link this up to one of his atavistic behaviours, and come to the conclusion you are showing an alleviating or submissive behaviour. To simplify, you are telling him “you are the dominant, and I’m sorry”. Obviously, your dog has no idea of what on earth you are sorry for, but gradually, this will sap your hierarchical position.
This will show by excessive attention demand: You cannot answer the phone, talk with friends, read or watch TV without your dog claiming for you to take care of him. Then more serious trouble may appear, related to a bad hierarchical positioning, that can be pretty serious, especially after puberty.

Furthermore, if treats are for free, how will you express your satisfaction when you need to, and thus how will you train your dog?

I can hear you objecting: I love my dog, he knows that, and above all, I don’t want to be deprived of these moments.

There’s no question of you having none of these bliss’s times! But just avoid mistranslation.

Just always remember to ask your dog do actually PERFORM something you ask (give a paw, go and fetch…) before giving him a gratification.
Cuddle or titbit then take a different meaning “I, as the leader of the pack, am pleased by what you’ve done”

By this attitude, you’ve reached three goals
– reassuring your dog on your pack leader ability
– having his attention, and tightening the bonding between you
– providing mental gymnastics, which he needs just as much as physical exercise.

Your dog is happy, more self-confident, and you can then share a tremendous time!

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