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American Idogs is more than just a family entertainment dog show it is also the best dog obedience training school in Broward county, Florida. serving Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Davie, Tamarac, Lauderhill, Sunrise and Hollywood residents. Our activities are held at Sunview Park in Plantation. 1500 S.W. 42nd Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317 in a safe secure and fun environment. We are working only with professional dog trainers and the teaching is done only with positive reinforcement and the help of the clicker for or obedience, agility,tricks and extreme advance obedience classes that can lead our student to become members of our national performance dog show team. for more info or to sign call 954-829-3274 go directly on our website: www.americanidogs.com

– Obedience with positive reinforcement class with the help of a clicker, level one: Monday April 4th at 7 pm. Advance obedience level are every Tuesday night at 7 pm

Spoiling Your Dog – How Far Is Too Far?

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Most pet owners will confess, if asked, to the fact that they do spoil their pet in terms of treats, feeding and cuddles. There is certainly no shame in this admission, in fact most of us would agree that it gets right to the heart of the matter – spoiling pets is half the reason for having them in the first place. Of course, this refers to “spoiling” in the sense that your pet is given treats regularly and made a fuss of. Sometimes spoiling can go too far, and lead to another kind of spoiling altogether.

A dog will respond to treats in exactly the way you wish it to, as long as you stick to the straight and narrow with how you distribute treats. If you hand it a treat every hour or more, it will simply see this as standard behavior. Its own behavior will become fairly lazy and it will have little incentive to display the behavior you had come to hope for. Treats can be given just for the sake of it, but they cease to be “treats” in any real sense once they become the norm.

You should keep a keen eye on how frequently you give your dog a doggy-chew or a bit of food unbidden. These treats can play a major part in how you train your dog, and if a morsel of food is just another bite to eat in a long day of eating and relaxing, it will grow lazy and not bother much with tricks and behavior, which is a shame for all concerned.

Rewarding Your Dog Is Important

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Part of dog training, an important part, is knowing when and how to reward your dog. The concept of positive reinforcement is an important element of training any animal, and dogs have a mentality which responds well to this type of action. While a human may look for ulterior motives in any reward system – and openly rebel against such actions – a dog will simply see that there is a connection between “good” behavior and good results. This is why positive reinforcement is a necessary part of training any dog.

It works as follows: You want your dog to learn how to respond to a certain command. By repeating that command until the dog carries out the action, you create a link in your dog’s brain between the command and the action. When the dog responds to the command by performing the action, you then reward it by giving it a treat. The link is then strengthened in the dog’s brain. Command + Action = Treat. The dog will become willing to respond to your command, knowing that the results will be in its favor.

It can take time to make this message stick. Some dogs are less amenable to training than others – just as all humans are different, so are all dogs. But just as all humans have instinctive ways of responding to stimuli, so do all dogs. It is essential that you give your dog time to work out the right way to react to your training. The benefits will quickly become evident.